•    Some of the links take you directly to a particular geographical location, e.g. Moss Vale. The nearest Bureau of Meteorology site is at Moss Vale, so often gives a good indication of Canyonleigh’s weather. In some circumstances (e.g. frost conditions), Canyonleigh’s climate and conditions are more like Goulburn, so you should look at Goulburn’s details too.
•    When using sites like Weatherzone, check where the data is from- e.g. the information listed for Yass is actually from Canberra airport.
•    Some of the sites have national, even global coverage. The links provided will take you to Canyonleigh (or closest area), but the same information may be available for anywhere in the world.

For the last few hours, see
This site shows temperatures and wind speed for the last 24 hours, useful for working out whether we’ve had frost, and also rainfall readings.
For climate history, average monthly rainfall, temperatures etc., see

This is the storm-watcher’s wet dream- see where the rain and storms are now, and which way they’re heading. The radar images in the following link gives the best detail over Canyonleigh. To see a little further, click on the 256km loop option, or click on the ‘Other radars: Map’ option at the bottom of the page, and click on Canberra. If you’re really bored, watch cyclones over Broome, or monsoon storms over Darwin. When viewing this iamge, note the ‘pointer’ and ‘map coordinates’ on the right hand side. The pointer is automatically centred on the Bureau’s radar location (for us, near Appin). If you mouse over somewhere else, and click, it resets the pointer, and distance and directions then relate to where you’ve clicked. e.g. click on Sydney Airport, then move the mouse over Moss Vale, and it will tell you Moss Vale is 100km from the airport. You can use this to work out how far away a storm is.

Another good site for current info is
The home page of this site shows current national extremes- hottest, wettest, windiest etc. To see local info, key postcode 2577 into the ‘local weather’ box on upper left side. This presents you with a list of localities under postcode 2577. Select Canyonleigh, but note that the data provided is for Moss Vale, the nearest weather bureau site. This page gives current temperature, humidity, rainfall since 9am etc, along with a 7-day forecast and a radar image of rain (a wider area view than the 128km loop above, but with less detail). This site is good for watching a southerly change come through- by selecting towns progressively further south (Goulburn, Wagga, Albury…) you can see their temperatures and wind directions. If you’re expecting a southerly, and it’s 35°C in Moss Vale and 25°C in Goulburn, the change won’t be long.

Another site similar to Weatherzone is
which you may find more user-friendly.

For a quick one-page forecast, check out the Sydney Morning Herald’s ‘Full Sydney Forecast’
The link to this from the upper right side of SMH’s home page
– the advantage of going via the home page is that you get the latest news and cricket scores as well.
If you’re geeky enough to read synoptic charts, the Bureau of Meteorology’s 4-day forecast is ideal –

And now to the sexiest site on the web-
This shows rainfall predictions on a map of Australia, over the next 6 days (ignore the first map- scroll down to 24/48/72…. hour predictions).Note that the time given at the bottom of each map is Greenwich Mean time- add 10 or 11 hours for us- e.g. ‘valid 12Z Mon 26 FEB 2007’ is actually 11pm 26/2/07 our time. The rainfall predictions are for the 24hours up to that time. We have found this to be amazingly accurate, and the scary thing is, it’s generated by a group in Maryland, USA named COLA – Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies. These rainfall predictions (and heaps of other weather-related data) are available for the entire planet, so if you’re jetting off tomorrow to meet your yacht in Monte Carlo, you can see whether it will be raining when you arrive-

Checkout Wikipedia for more info on any weather topic –e.g.

Local Forecast used by Canyonleigh RFS with Fire Danger Rating