Canyonleigh Community Association Update

“Working together for the mutual benefit of the Canyonleigh community.”

President George Barnett 4878 9143
Vice President Ian Dalzell 4878 9239
Treasurer Jan Deane 4884 1276
Secretary Jan Dalzell 4878 9239

Ordinary Members are , Debbie Hook, Lisa Trevithick and Howie Trevithick, Annette Smith and Greg Hook

Due to the tragic and fatal single vehicle accident on Canyonleigh Road recently, it is an appropriate time for us all to be reminded of the road dangers that are predominant in Canyonleigh.

The rise and fall of the road contours, sun glare and wildlife are just an example that can cause an accident.

It was pleasing to note the effect that the recent temporary installation of a speed monitor on Tugalong Road gave. On observing the monitor it showed those vehicles exceeding the 80mph speed limit slowed down.

The Association has received notification from council that the proposed Men’s Shed has been approved subject to and conditional upon the approval of the Minister for Lands. Once approval has been received a Development Application for  the development of the proposed Men’s Shed is required to be submitted.

The Men’s Shed will now form its own sub-committee while remaining under the umbrella of the CCA. Enquiries in regard to the sub-committee or anyone interested in becoming part of the sub committee please contact George Barnett on
4878 9143

A garage sale will be held at the Canyonleigh Hall on Sunday 20th November from 9am to 2pm.  Items for this can be delivered to the Hall, Friday 18th between 12pm and 5pm and  Saturday 19th between 9am and 1pm. Funds raised will go towards fees required for Men’s Shed project .

Santa will be at the Hall 10 December along with the Sutton Forest based Sydney Puppet show.  11am start with the Puppet show commencing at 11.30. We will need numbers for this event, so if you would like to bring your children, grandchildren  or a close relative along please contact Jan Dalzell 4878 9239 ( Association members children are free and a small price will be charged for non members .

You may have noticed that the “welcome to Canyonleigh” sign along Canyonleigh Road is about to collapse. The Association has written to council and consequently has been advised that new signs will be gradually installed at 53 gazetted localities. Unfortunately it will not say “welcome to” etc….

John Gray graduating as a Community First Responder, receives his Ambulance vest from Paramedic Dave Kynaston.

John Gray graduating as a Community First Responder, receives his Ambulance vest from Paramedic Dave Kynaston.

On a sad note, the 21st October saw the passing of our past president John Gray. John moved to Canyonleigh in 2012 as manager at Satori Springs and became respected and an active member of the community. He was president of the Community Association from 2014 to 2015 during which time he was also on the steering committee for Destination Southern Highlands. He actively represented Canyonleigh at the Southern Villages meetings and during his time as president the Association he actively lobbied Council and Angus Taylor for improvements to our community. John also joined the CFR unit and was an active member, He could often be seen at the shop having coffee in his orange uniform with the emergency car parked nearby. Prior to coming to Canyonleigh John was a manager of the Adyar Bookshop and had also had a long career in hospitality working in international hotels around Australasia. He was also a Reiki Master and healer and regularly spoke and wrote on healing subjects. He was a proud New Zealander who loved to travel and visited his extended family as often as he could. On behalf of the residents of Canyonleigh, the Association and CFR join in expressing their sincere condolences to his family.

Jan Dalzell – Secretary, Canyonleigh Community Association Inc.